Consuelo & Antoine de Saint Exupery

75 years after the brutal death of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the Boléro de Versoix Gallery (near Geneva) welcomes, from 25 January to 22 March 2020, an exceptional collection of objects and documents from the estate of Consuelo de Saint Exupéry, the Little Prince's Rose.

It is an exceptional exhibition where the treasures of she who was Antoine’s wife and shared his life from 1930 until his disappearance are displayed. Consuelo continued to carry the memory of her husband until her death in 1979. She entrusted a large part of her archives to her secretary and friend, José Martinez Fructuoso (1936-2015), who became her universal legatee. Thanks to Martine Martinez Fructuoso, José's wife, these treasures were exhumed from their silence and finally made accessible to the general public.

The exhibition is divided into 9 stopovers in the life of this legendary couple. The 5th is that of Bevin House, this beautiful property on Long Island where Saint Exupery An unpublished photo shows Antoine playing chess with his friend the Genevan philosopher Denis de Rougemont.

Innumerable other documents and objects are revealed for the very first time in public: the author's Remington typewriter, his travel trunk with his initials, his uniform, but also the couple's wedding rings and Consuelo's wedding dress. Also displayed are the many drawings and sculptures of the woman who magnificently described her passionate life as an artist and a wife in her posthumous biography entitled The Tale of the Rose.