The Little Prince - Behind the story

This exhibition, organized by the Philatelic Museum in Singapore, won a wide acclaim. Not only the variety and quantity of the objects on display, but also the important means to enhance them, have undoubtedly contributed to this success.

Particularly worth seeing were the famous bracelet, the many drawings that inspired Saint Exupery for his Little Prince, beautiful pictures, items belonging to the author, etc. The wooden table, engraved by his friend Lamotte, on which Saint Exupery's signature is displayed alongside those of Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Salvator Dali and others was also exhibited. 

The dark room in which the 3-dimensional statues of the figures of the Little Prince could be touched revealed very popular not only with children but also with adults.

Numerous stamps and envelopes were presented for the philatelic part of the exhibit. We could not only admire Saint Exupery and his Little Prince, but also the airplanes of the Aeropostale and those who made the fame of the novels of the writer-pilot.