Exhibition at the Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

The famous Gyeonggi Provincial Museum in Seoul is wecoming the Little Prince from 2 May to 18 September 2016. This exceptional exhibition has been set up by William Lee as part of the celebrations marking the 130 year relation between France and Korea. 

On over 1,000 m2 dozens of beautiful original drawings by St Exupery, vintage photos, rare editions of The Little Prince as well as personal objects that belonged to the author – including the famous bracelet found by a fisherman off the coast of Marseille – can be admired. Museum director Jeon Bo Sam, who is also a great admirer of the philosophy of Manhae, is proud to welcome St-Exupery's Little Prince and Arnauld Nazare-Aga's statuettes. It is not uncommon to see him personally lead people around the exhibition.