The Little Prince flies into the Comptoir

"The Little Prince flies to the Comptoir" was the title of Martine Mach's article in the newspaper La Broye about Saint Exupéry's presence at the Comptoir de la Broye. This is what she wrote

Saint-Exupéry brought Sardinia and the Broye together at the Clin d'Ailes museum. On the Sardinian island, a museum is dedicated to him. On 10 May 1944, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who was both a pilot and a member of the Resistance, was sent by the American government to Sardinia to carry out photographic reconnaissance in preparation for the landings. In Alghero, the Comptoir broyard's guest of honour, the Museo Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (MASE) is dedicated to the author of The Little Prince. 

An opportunity for the Clin d'Ailes museum to give a nod to the Italian museum. Reading and music Friday November 24, at an evening organized by Pierre Roggo, coordinator of the Sardinian stand. The museum and the Espace Passion association welcomed Massimiliano Fois, director of the MASE, and Olivier d'Agay, Saint-Exupéry's grand-nephew. Margaux Roggo and Julien Léchot read letters written by the writer to his wife Consuelo on the island just before his death.

As for violinist Veronika Radenko, she played on a copy of a Stradivarius that belonged to the de Saint-Exupéry family and was made by the Academia Cremonensis in Cremona, represented by its director Fabio Perrone.