The Little Prince in South Korea

South Koreans are great fans of the Little Prince. Two sites provide ample proof of this: a museum dedicated to the Little Prince on Jeju Island and the Gamcheon-dong district in Busan.  

The Little Prince Museum opened its doors in December 2022 on Jeju Island, the country's leading tourist destination with 15 million visitors a year. With exhibitions, sculptures and digital immersion in the world of the Little Prince, this unique venue is a great way to discover the world of Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Gamcheon-dong is a subdivision of the Saha-gu district in west-central Busan. It is famous for the Gamcheon Culture Village, characterised by steep streets, winding alleys and brightly painted houses. Murals, art installations, cafés, shops, museums, workshops and craft shops abound in this tourist district. Most have the Little Prince as their theme.