Tempora exhibition Lyon

To mark the 120th anniversary of Antoine de Saint Exupéry's birth, Tempora has organised an exhibition entitled "Antoine de Saint Exupéry - Un Petit Prince parmi les Hommes" at La Sucrière in Lyon, the writer's home town.

The exhibition, which is both educational and entertaining, brings together two worlds that eventually merge: that of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, a pioneer of aviation and a fighter in the Second World War, and that of his iconic character, the Little Prince.


The tour, guided by the author's mother, reveals photos, manuscripts, drawings and numerous personal objects brought together for the first time. At the end of the tour, a magnificent audio-visual show on large open books perfectly sums up the mysteries surrounding both The Little Prince and his author.

The last stage is an interactive dialogue with visitors on the values dear to Saint Exupéry: friendship, spirituality, solidarity, responsibility and humanity.