The 2019 Gengenbach Advent Calendar

Thanks to Reinhard End, the small town of Gengenbach - located in the Black Forest in Germany and renowned for its Christmas market - rolled out the red carpet for the Little Prince between 30 November 2019 and 19 April 2020.

Two important events started at the same time: on one hand the largest Advent calendar in the world which was inaugurated by Mr Thorsten Erny, mayor of the city of Gengenbach and, on the other hand, an exhibition dedicated to the Little Prince in the Museum Haus Löwenberg.

The Gengenbach Town Hall, which has the particularity of having 24 windows, has been the home of magnificent Advent calendars for decades. Using a technique of rear projection and following the works of Andy Warhol, the drawings of the Little Prince are in the spotlight for the next three years (2019-2021). Reproductions of the original watercolors by Saint Exupéry are displayed side by side with drawings by Valeria Docampo, a renowned Argentinian artist. 

The Museum Haus Löwenberg hosts an exceptional exhibition of books and objects dedicated to the Little Prince. Among these treasures an original drawing by the author and the last letter he wrote before he died can be admired. Some very rare editions of The Little Prince are also on display: e.g. an English edition which once belonged to Che Guevara who inscribed it to a friend of the Cuban revolution.