Drawings and manuscripts at Galerie Gallimard

The exhibition entitled "Wind, sand and stars" taking place at the Galerie Gallimard in Paris, from 30 November 2018 to 2 February 2019, is a wonderful example of Saint-Exupery's links between action and literature. The Little Prince is in the spotlight with an exceptional series of drawings offered by Saint-Exupery to his New York friend Silvia Hamilton. We also discover prose and poetry, unpublished to this day, written by Saint-Exupery -still a bachelor- for his fiancée Louise de Vilmorin. 

The original Saint Exupery drawing -where the Little Prince is admiring the sunsets and was used to illustrate Chapter VI- as well as the writer's last letter, which was found on 30 July 1944 (the day of his disappearance) in his pilot room in Bastia, give a unique touch to this exhibition.